Froth in the water!

What a day!!! Froth on the Daydream is now in the water at the MGM Boatyard in Thurmaston Leicester. To get there she had to be transported from Nick Thorpe’s steelyard in Hixon, Staffordshire. The boat weighs 13 tons of solid steel. What follows is a picture story of the day, with videos and stills taken by ourselves and family members. From Friday June 12th 2015 our boating life has really begun.

So, at Nick Thorpe’s steelyard, the three elements were assembled: boat, crane, lorry.

The first task was to get the boat out of the shed. This was done using metal rollers and pushing from behind with a forklift (which broke down at one point!). Here she comes:

Next, sleeves were wrapped around the boat so that the crane could lift it onto the lorry. Here is the complete set-up:

Then (OMG!) the boat had to be lifted up, twisted around above the building height, and dropped onto the lorry.

Rosie watched it all keenly, having previously made friends with every single man in the place!


So, here is a collection of still pictures of this stage of the operation. A view of the inside of the boat:


Froth leaves the steelyard shed:


That lift and twist moment:


The crane, complete with wind monitors on the top:


Nick Thorpe’s monogrammed rudder. He does this on all his boats:


The next stage was the two hour drive to MGM Boats. We set off later, having spent some time congratulating Nick Thorpe and his team. They had worked fantastically hard, staying up until midnight the previous night to get it all done for us. They have also built us a beautiful boat. Apparently it is the most detailed job they have ever done.

So…on to the MGM boatyard, where Martin, Mark, Rachel and the rest of the crew were waiting for us:

Here she is arriving. The tiny little lane you can see at 0.05″, with Martin standing in the entrance, is the way down to the boatyard. Yes – we were wondering how they were going to get the boat and the crane down there too!

This gives you an idea of what happened when they tried!


After much hacking back of overgrown trees (apparently this was a job which needed to be done anyway) and very skilful driving, they got through.

Now Froth could be loaded onto the crane again:


She had to be lifted over a fence to be deposited in the water the other side. Also, the boat that was moored there had to move out of the way:





And here it is: the moment Froth on the Daydream hits the water for the first time:


And floating by herself:

Rosie wonders what all the fuss is about!


So, finally we were able to step on board. Louise was first:


Then Cap’n Andy:


The final task was to tow and punt the boat round the spit of land, out onto the main canal and back into the boatyard on the other side ready for the fit-out.




We made it! The end to an utterly memorable and exhilarating day. It’s going to be a few months now before Froth moves again. By then she will be completely fitted out, newly painted and ready to take up her mooring place in Market Harborough. For now, we are just going to dream of boats all night!

One thought on “Froth in the water!”

  1. What a day Indeed!
    Froth rolls along the ground, flies through the air, zooms along narrow streets toward her watery home. I think I saw a smile across her prow as she gently eased into the loch.
    In anticipation of seeing her outfitted – and her paint!

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