Timbral Map

Planning of Movement 1 continues by trying to map the hill timbrally. I have devised the table below, showing how the various winds are translated into timbres for clarinet and the loudspeaker orchestra. Some of the latter sounds are electronic, some natural recordings, some instrumental samples. Pretty soon now the real work of actually making the sounds will begin!


Wind: N
Pitch: A
Character: compressing – stretching
Time delimited? yes
Phrase 1: Compressing: discontinuous and erratic.
Phrase 2: Stretching out: globally uniform
Semantics: First there is a feeling of compression (as if we strongly pressed on an obstacle) then the barrier is suddenly overcome, suppressing all resistance and releasing the power. It is a sudden change from localized energy to scattered energy.
Timbres: Aeolian sounds, wind and brass instruments, plus electronic compression
Bass Clarinet: rapid staccatissimo, then tenuto

Wind: NE
Pitch: E
Character: moving forward, propulsion
Time delimited? yes
Phrase 1: first phase is quite a sustained fulcrum: a prolonged or homogeneous sound or slow iteration, globally uniform
Phrase 2: a brief acceleration of intensity, pitch, or any other morphological trait
Phrase 3: a typical resonance or silence
Semantics: We feel the application of a force to a steady state, resulting in an accelerated movement. Projection from a starting point.
Timbres: bowed tam-tam, bowed gamelan, bowed vibes, piano clusters, drone sound, resonance is spatial
Bass Clarinet: sustain – acceleration – resonance

Wind: E
Pitch: B
Character: waves, braking
Time delimited? no
Phrase 1: slow repetition of an increasing then decreasing sound motif. The shape of the profile can concern different morphological criteria (mass, dynamics, grain, etc.)
Semantics: Each cycle conveys the feeling of being pushed forward, and then driven back until the end. We get the impression that we are stagnating through this unit although we feel motion within each cycle.
Timbres: wind in trees, granular synthesis, additive/subtractive synthesis, filtering
Bass Clarinet: rhythmic articulations, vibrato

Wind: SE
Pitch: F
Character: divergent, chaotic
Time delimited? no
Phrases: ad lib.
Semantics: No description required. The title is self-explanatory.
Timbres: birdsong, natural rustling, strings
Bass Clarinet: multiphonics, microtones, extended techniques, slap tongue

Wind: S
Pitch: C
Character: endless trajectory, heaviness, in suspension
Time delimited? no
Phrase 1: a linear and usually slow evolution of a sound parameter
Semantics: The process must be oriented in a direction (for example, upwards or downwards) and however, it seems to never finish. The sound phenomenon must be long enough to be perceived as a process and not an ephemeral event.
Timbres: spectral processing, time stretching, Shepard tone, distant aeroplane
Bass Clarinet: circular breathing, glissando, crescendo

Wind: SW
Pitch: G
Character: spinning, stationary, obsessive
Time delimited? no
Phrase 1: a parameter (pitch, timbre) is driven by a quick cyclic repetition along with a thrust in each cycle, or with a quick and possibly varied repetition of a pulsed element.
Semantics: We feel constrained by a mechanical process in which we cannot seem to act. We have the feeling of an object spinning on itself or in space.
Timbres: mechanical sounds, throbbing, music box, piano
Bass Clarinet: Double/triple tonguing

Wind: W
Pitch: D
Character: floating, falling, fading away
Time delimited? no
Phrase 1: a sound parameter (pitch, dynamic, etc) floats and then falls away.
Semantics: We feel sustained for a considerable period of time before drifting away, either falling or fading.
Timbres: decay instruments (prepared piano, harp, celesta, vibraphone, gong, etc.) that decay at wrong or unusual rates, or have pitch shift
Bass Clarinet: glissandi, decrescendi

Wind: NW
Pitch: always unpitched
Character: suspending-questioning, wanting to start
Time delimited? no
Phrase 1: ad lib.
Phrase 2: ad lib.
Phrase 3: ad lib.
Semantics: no description necessary
Timbres: unpitched percussion, acoustic effects, wind sounds
Bass Clarinet: Breath sounds, key clicks, etc.


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