One week on…


This is an interior shot of Froth with ballast and floor boards in place. Ballast keeps the boat at the right level in the water. Heavy bricks are used. More adjustments will be made to ballast later on in the fit out process. You’ll notice a lot of dangling wires in the picture too. Mark has been hard at work on ‘first fix’ electrics for locating sockets and lighting.

The week has been taken up with a succession of important decisions. First we had to decide about colours for the exterior paint job  – to our surprise the painting will be done before the windows are put in. The result of this was a rapid discussion between me at home in Leicester and Andy in the departure lounge at Heathrow awaiting a flight to Lisbon.

The next important thing was to get all the roof top systems in place so that Mark can install the cabling before he sprays the interior with insulating foam. This involves 2 Wifi aerials, a TV satellite system and solar panels. The resulting mayhem required lots of phone calls and some rather sexist conversations with men who thought they should be talking to Andy and not his wife! For some reason, the satellite man thinks it is hilarious to refer to ‘dangly ends’ all the time. 

We also made several decisions about the interior layout. It is amazing how, whatever amount of planning you do, the reality is always different. So, we shaved a foot off the kitchen to make a bigger living room, and moved the washing machine from the back room to the kitchen. The last move created more space for Andy’s music workstation.

Anyway, here is Froth at rest:


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