Great progress

We visited Nick Thorpe’s steelyard today to find great progress with the construction of Froth. The side panels and roof are on! The boat now looks like a boat, and the main remaining tasks are cutting the windows and doors and other detailed features. Here are several photographs and videos to illustrate the fabulous work they have been doing.

First: a pan shot along the side of the boat as it looks today. 

The sides were laid out on the floor, then lifted into position with a forklift before being welded together.

[Click pictures for larger images]




two sides


Frames were put in place all the way down the hull ready for the roof.


Here is the roof, laid out on the floor…


…and in position, being measured to ensure consistent dimensions all the length of the boat.


Here are a couple of shots of the finished article. Notice how the sides lean inwards, allowing you to walk down the outside gunwale without being pushed into the water by the boat.



And finally, here some videos shot during our visit this morning. First, a walk along the boat, noting the markings which show where the rooms will be.

And here is a shot of the bows.

We were also very keen to have a curly upright bar either side of the cratch area, so that we have something to hold onto when getting on and off the boat. Also, it looks stylish! Nick drew this in chalk on the side of the boat.

We have agreed June 12th as ‘craning in’ day, when Froth will be driven on a low loader the 60 miles or so to the MGM boatyard, then lowered into the water for the first time. Expect lots more videos and a major update then!

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