Almost done!

The boat is very very nearly completed now. In fact, it may actually be finished as this is being written! There were just a few minor bits of tidying up to be done when we left this morning. So here are some recent shots, taken by Graham Reader…

The seating and the table in the cratch “conservatory” area look really good. Note the glass panel at the front, and the nice roll-up cratch covers either side, which can be blackout or clear as we wish. The rich oak flooring is also lovely. We will be spending a lot of time out here.


Stepping inside the saloon, on the right is the trusty Morso ‘Squirrel’ solid fuel stove. On the left is the TV system which links to the satellite dish on the roof (note the cabling has yet to be properly installed behind the telly).


Turn around, and we get this view of the galley (the washing machine will be inside its own cupboard by the end of today). The kitchen area is spacious.


Here’s the middle bedroom:


And the back bedroom:


Between them is the bathroom:


The door between the back bedroom and the bathroom is a folding door, very well made by Martin at Louise’s suggestion:

photo 3-3

photo 2-3

So, we’re all ready to board ‘Froth’ tomorrow for the official hand-over!!!

We will not take her on the maiden voyage until the wind has calmed down next week. In the meantime, one particular crew member is raring to go:

Rosie modelling her ‘Outward Hound’ ‘Pupsaver’ life jacket.

Note the handle on the back, so that she can be fished out of the canal easily if she falls in. She loves it!


Nearly there!

Excitement mounts! Froth is about one week away from being ready. There has been much progress in all areas of the boat over the past couple of weeks. So much of it has been in transition that it did not seem right to show photographs, but now things are really coming together.

In the bow area, the cratch covers have been fitted and the wooden ceiling added. It is such a lovely space, with views all around, but also warm and weather-proof. We can roll down the blackout covers too, for privacy. The next step in this area is to fit the banquette all round and the removable table in the middle. It seems likely that we will be spending a lot of our time out here!cratch1 cratch2 cratch3

The view into the saloon and galley is just beautiful. Wonderful woodwork throughout, and very restful colours in the tiles…

and the blinds:


The Morso Squirrel stove is fitted too:


Even though we have central heating (which can be controlled by mobile phone, by the way) we felt that a solid fuel stove is the heart of any boat, so we just had to have one.

The flooring is a rich and beautiful oak, and runs throughout the boat, with the exception of the saloon which will be carpeted (the last job to be done).


The bathroom has fabulous white tiles throughout.


And the downlighting over the sink creates an effect that is hard to capture with a camera!


The stern cabin combines the study, with its computer desk and pull-out extension…


…with a bedroom, with a tall wardrobe and drawers.


There will be many other photos of both bedrooms in due course, once the boat is out into the light and the camera can “see” better.

Finally, the seat that will go atop the ‘taffrail’ on the stern deck is being made. Such lovely wood!


The craftsmanship at MGM is wonderful to see.