Real to Surreal by Martyn Ware


The idea of this project is to create a sense of 'magic' within a time-based composition, simultaneously forcing us to consider the nature of natural and unnatural sound and their relative strong and weak points

The Project

1 Create a multitrack composition using samples of real instruments, between 5-10 minutes long, then replicate every individual sound with its equivalent, but this time electronically generated using either virtual or real synthesisers (NB not just taking the original sounds and processing them - the imitated sounds should be created from scratch)

2 then crossfade between the two versions of the composition on the same timeline - starting with the 'real' becoming 'surreal'


The aim of the crossfade process is to be as imperceptible as possible - the 'magic trick' is that by the end of the piece the listener becomes mysteriously disorientated and can't easily understand how or why. Try it, it works!